Why I Sew

I never thought in a million years I would start (and actually enjoy) to sew.  I guess I never saw sewing as an pleasant hobby.  I always mistakenly thought sewing was not fun and more of a job.  I don’t know why I thought that way.  I love everything about fashion.  I got certified in fashion merchandising and production in Brazil, and was once a fashion buyer.  Ironically, I never related sewing with fashion.  At least not in a fun creative way.

You could say my first sewing machine was a toy Cabbage Patch machine that I absolutely LOVED to play with as a kid.  And even then I never saw the potential the machine had to create anything.  I would just use it to sew strait lines.

My grandmother sewed for my sister and me when we were kids.  She made me this beautiful can-can dress for a montessori dance/play.

can-can dress - I'm the third from the right.

She also made our very elaborate, beautiful first communion dresses.  So it’s not that I never had the opportunity to learn to sew.  I guess it’s that I was never interested.

Fast-forward 25 years or so, I am a stay at home mom with a newborn.  I felt that I needed something to help me relax and enjoy some time to myself.  Out of nowhere I see an interview on TV of a girl who buys used clothing and refashions it to make it fit her and look cool.  My love for sewing started when I discovered her and her blog, New Dress A Day. She is so amazing on how she finds a new outfit for just $1 a day! So refashioning was what got me to see that sewing really is for me.

I immediately got on the web and searched for tutorials.  Once I saw that I could make my daughter leg warmers out of my socks, it was time to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas.  I wasn’t expecting to actually enjoy it so much, but making little outfits for my baby was a great remedy for this new mom.


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